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Free Texas hold em When it comes to the games offered at Paradise, no one compares. They have all the major poker games you would want to play. They offer Texas Holdem, Omaha (high and high-lo versions), and 7 Card Stud (high and high-lo versions). They offer all these games at every limit you could want, from 50cent- to -. They also offer these games at short handed tables and the usual ten man tables. They have tournaments going all the time for those of us who like tournaments. They offer these tournaments at all different types of buy-in's and prize pools. If you're not interested in playing for real cash, you have the option of playing all these games and tournaments for free. Paradise is the leader in the amount of games they offer and the variety of options you have when it comes to playing online poker.

Poker guide Pokerroom.com has a growing client base. I've seen them grow probably 200% since I started playing there. On any given night they have a few hundred people playing on their site. There are usually plenty of low limit "real money" tables going 24 hours a day. You can usually count on at least one - or - table going most of the day but there is no 24 hour high limit action like on some other sites. I have found that the players at pokerroom.com are some of the loosest on the net. This is good if you're a quality poker player because you can take advantage of the poorer players and make some good cash. Most players at pokerroom.com are friendly and I've never experienced any problems from other players while playing there. Overall, pokerroom.com is a good place to make some real money.

Poker stars ? PartyPoker.com is simply the biggest, and the most exciting online poker room on the net. The name says it all. They are personally my favorite online poker room. They offer so much to their players and they keep everything fun. Their software is easy to use and straight forward, they have support staff always ready to answer your questions, and they attract a lot of new players which only equals lots of action. Party Poker is constantly trying to offer it's players new incentives to keep their poker experience fun and exciting. I personally recommend Party Poker to everyone who wants to have fun while making money playing online poker.

Right now, Pacific Poker only offers Texas Holdem, Omaha high, and 7 card stud. They offer these games for "real" and "play" money along with 1 on 1 tables. The limits at Pacific Poker go from 5 cent - 10 cent games all the way up to -. For now, they don't have regular tournaments, but I'm sure they are on their way. I got the impression that Pacific Poker is very close to expanding their poker room and I can expect to see more games and more tournaments in the near future.

Online poker bonus Use the banner on this page and sign up code " 4WPT " to receive a 25% deposit bonus, worth up to 7.50 with a maximum deposit of 0. This is a larger bonus than the 20% standard deposit bonus. Each and every month, JetSetPoker members can compete in a series of Go!Point based tournament events for a chance to win cash and special bonus prizes in an end-of-month "Around-the-World" ("ATW") Main Event.

Online poker game They have all the most popular online poker games available. You can choose between Texas Holdem, Omaha High, Omaha Hi/Lo, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo, One on One, and multi Tournaments. Real-money online poker games at limits ranging from BugsysClub Poker has games ranging from 25c-50c all the way up to -. These games are offered in fixed limit, pot limit, and no limit variations. The poker games they offer are, Texas Holdem, Omaha (high and low), 7 card Stud (high and low), along with heads up games (one on one). They have single and multi table tournaments going all the time. The buy-in for these tournaments vary and some are lucrative free-rolls where you can win money for nothing. .50/.00 to /.

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